Holiday Fundraiser Success!

To all of our holiday fundraiser participants, promoters, and enthusiasts,


Thank you for a magical day and a wonderful fundraising experience. We are so happy and grateful to have had so many people from our community came out to help us help two  great non profit animal organizations.  Together we were able to raise money and supplies for both Pup & Cat Co. and Campus Cats!

Pet Pictures with Santa, AWC, Animal Wellness Center of Athens
Ashley Woods local photographer and her assistant try to grab Bucky’s attention for his photo with Santa! Photo credit: Marilyn Estes

Santa was very pleased (and impressed) with all the good little boys and girls (s)he had the pleasure of meeting Saturday. Not a single lump of coal in sight for those pups, kitties, bunny and one tiny little rat friend that came to visit Santa. We’re glad our patients had a chance to come see us for a fun, stress free, event. Positive interactions like these can ease anxieties about coming to the vet for medical attention and riding in the car. In fact, your pets are welcome to come by for cookies and pets whenever they’d like!