Three Reasons to Thank Your Pet’s Veterinary Technician at AWC This Holiday Season

Your pet’s veterinarian plays a vital role in the health of your pet.  However, this is a job that cannot be done alone.  That is why there is an entire team dedicated to your pet’s well being.  Veterinary technicians and assistants have a very active and important role in the quality care for each and every animal.  Their job is not easy and sometimes gets “dirty”.





Here are three reasons to show gratitude to your pet’s veterinary technician:

Valuable Resource:

They are equipped with knowledge.  They can provide education on how to continue to provide care at home.  Whether you have questions about nutrition, aging, new puppy/kitten, etc. they are able to help guide you.  Need assistance on administering a new medication such an antibiotics or eye drops? They are there for you to help coach and encourage you through the process.


It’s not Easy:

It’s not all puppies and kittens.  Their job is very physically and emotionally demanding.  They are on their feet long hours of the day and lifting animals and equipment of all sizes and shapes.


They Love your Pet:

Veterinary technicians become very attached to their patients.  When you are unable to be with your beloved pet you can rest assured that there will be a technician there to cuddle and comfort your dog or cat.  It is not surprising to find a technician snuggling a dog as it recovers from surgery, hand feeding a cat that has been sick or spending extra time playing or grooming your dog or cat while they are boarding.

Whether you are in for an appointment or just in the area please take time to acknowledge all the hard work and compassion our veterinary technicians put into your pet’s care.

As always feel free to contact your veterinary care team at Animal Wellness Center of Athens with any questions or concerns!